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You’ve probably heard the saying “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” The same is true for solar panels; there’s no such thing as a free solar system! As much as we wish we could install systems on every single home in the country, the truth is that many people have reservations surrounding the cost of their home going solar. Let’s explore what you pay for when you put panels on your home and how solar ultimately saves you money in the long run.

Every morning, no matter what, the sun rises and sends rays out across the sky. We see that as an opportunity to harness the original source of power and put it to work powering homes across the country. If the sun is already shining on your home, why not use it to generate power for your household?


Free Solar Panel Programs

Many solar power companies claim to offer free solar systems when what they’re actually offering is a lease. While this may seem more affordable up front, it’s not an option we offer at Primitive Power for a few reasons. 

  • First, homes with leased panels are not eligible for major tax incentives. 
  • Second, leasing also doesn’t provide homeowners with the chance to own their power and invest their money each month, which is a program we really believe in.


Zero Out of Pocket

Many people fear a massive up-front cost when they install solar panels on their home. With solar panels at the forefront of a new movement focused on sustainability and more and more homeowners getting excited about this prospect, new and different financing options have become available!

While solar panels are definitely not free, we do offer options with zero out of pocket, and the government chips in as an incentive as well. For a limited time, homeowners who choose to have a solar system installed on their home receive a tax credit of 26{feafe3d6dc6c52950d9cef32f5fae0f2b52cab9baed02c44840e141c43600b15} as an incentive to promote eco-friendly practices (read more about that right here!). Some utility companies also offer rebates, and thanks to net metering, your home will be powered even during the days and seasons when sunlight is low.


Curious About Going Solar?

If you’re ready to stop paying utility companies every month and own your power, Primitive Power has a simple, four-step process to get your home outfitted with solar panels.

  1. Consult
  2. Design – This is where the fun begins! We’ll show you exactly how your home will look with solar panels on the roof. This is a rendering of your specific home with the exact number of panels and their placement.
  3. Permits – The paperwork! Engineering, inspections, permits…we take care of it all, creating a totally stress-free experience for you.
  4. Installation – Our favorite day! Our professionals will show up at your house, ready to install our top-of-the-line panels and show you exactly how your system will work.

For a more comprehensive look at the main things you should know before going solar, check out this blog post!


While we do hope you give us a call and learn more about solar power, Primitive Power is committed to educating and encouraging sustainable living for all! When we tread lightly on the planet we’re taking care of one another, and we love to see it.