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One of the most common questions we get when we chat with homeowners is: “What about the winter? Do my solar panels stop generating power when it’s overcast?”


It’s easy to see how your panels are soaking up the rays and turning it into energy all summer long! But what about those cold winter months? Will you be stuck with a power bill from October through March?! Absolutely not!


One of the benefits of solar panels is their ability to power your home all year long. If you’ve ever heard of net metering, this is where it comes into play big time. In the sunny months your system is producing more power than your home needs. That energy is stored and accounted for so it can be used during the rest of the year! Our system experts really think of everything when they’re doing an installation. They’ll take a look at your energy usage history and make sure your panels are working efficiently from January-December. We anticipate the changes in season and make your panels work for you no matter the weather!