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Making the switch to solar saves you so much money in the long run. Most folks are worried because they think there’s a massive upfront cost to installing panels on their home, but it actually costs less than you think of!


Here at Primitive Power we see solar panels like buying a home, while paying the electric company is more like renting. Every month that you pay the power company, you’re sending them money you’ll never see again. You’re also subject to changing terms and rates. Yikes!


With solar panels, every month you’re putting your cash towards ownership in the solar system that’s powering your home. Your payments are often less than what you were paying the power company before panels, and your rate is locked in for the long haul!


If you take care of your panels, they will take care of you–powering your home month after month for years to come. The only question remaining is…what will you put that saved money towards?!