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Why should Solar be on your Christmas list?

Why Should Solar Be On Your Christmas List?

Santa isn’t the only one bringing gifts to your rooftops this Christmas! Our installers are up there too, bringing solar power and savings to houses all across the nation.


This year consider giving yourself the gift of solar powering your home! Here are our top 5 reasons solar panels from Primitive Power should be on your wish list:


  • Save money: Once you install panels on your roof, you’re no longer subject to the fluctuations of the power company. Your monthly bill is locked in and you’re putting money towards the cost of your panels rather than saying goodbye to your cash each month with an energy bill!
  • Save the planet: Using solar energy reduces your carbon dioxide emissions! You’re contributing to a cleaner atmosphere.
  • Minimal maintenance: Your solar panels require little maintenance to work for years to come. When questions or concerns do arise, use the Primitive Power app to chat with an expert and make sure everything is in working order!
  • Boost your home value! The money that you put into your solar system goes right into the value of your home, making it both a short-term and long-term win.
  • Energy Independence: Once panels are installed on your roof you can begin to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re making your own energy right at home. That’s peace on earth!


Are you ready to own your power? Reach out to Primitive Power today!

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