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Clean Energy Products for the Whole Home

Efficient energy isn’t just the solar system on your roof! Primitive Power offers a comprehensive line of products to help your home run as clean and green as possible.

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solar products


The Powerwall works in tandem with your solar system to store energy. Reduce your reliance on the grid and really utilize the power you’re collecting from the sun!

Tesla battery


We use the most reliable, cost-effective inverter on the market! The Solar Edge PV is responsible for DC-AC inversion and works no matter the temperature.

Smart Thermostats

The Nest thermostat is as aesthetically pleasing as it is energy efficient. Use a totally smart home thermostat system that learns your habits and minimizes energy use when you aren’t around.

led lights

LED Lights

Lightbulb moment: swapping to LED bulbs creates energy-efficient light in your home, and they’ll last way longer than your old incandescents! It’s a smart move for your wallet and the environment.

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