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Ohio Region

Primitive Power is installing solar panels all across Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana! We’re excited to be working in the Buckeye State and beyond. There are so many benefits for homes with solar here. When you install solar panels on your home, every month you’re putting money towards an asset that you own. We love to see it happen!

Let’s chat a little bit more about the details of solar panels on your house and what it means for your power bill...

Primitive Power Locations

Net Metering in the Ohio Region

Over the next 30 years you’ll save thousands of dollars while also reducing your impact on the environment. Primitive Power helps you use a totally sustainable source to power your home while also putting your unused power back into the grid. Fun fact: the city will actually pay you for the power your panels generate (see more about net metering right here). Since solar systems are relatively new to Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, you’ll be grandfathered into programs even if the state changes the perks and benefits they offer to homes with panels.

Primitive Guarantee

Your Solar Panels, Guaranteed

We feel completely confident in the systems we install in your home and so do our manufacturers! Your panels have a 30 year performance warranty, 25 year panel warranty, 25 year workmanship guarantee, and a 25 year roof guarantee. Basically, we install the best of the best and they have warranties to back it up! We’re installing these reliable systems all across Minnesota and have full confidence that they’ll function without issue for years to come. Living in the Birthplace of Aviation just got a whole lot better!

utility rates

Rising Utility Rates

When you rely on utility companies to power your home you become subject to their rising rates and charges. When you bought your home there was no other option, so by default you signed up to buy utility power. Installing solar panels gives you ownership of your power source and creates an immunity to the fluctuations of the utility companies. When you pay your electric bill every month, you never see that money again. With solar panels, you’re putting that cash towards ownership of the panels on your roof.

sustainable energy

Sustainable Energy in the Ohio Region

Going solar drastically reduces your impact on the environment. It’s one of the easiest steps you can take to be kind to the earth! Over the next thirty years, your solar panels will save CO2 from over 100 TONS of coal! It’s the equivalent of driving a car more than 250,000 miles or 124 acres of forest. You’re helping save the planet while you save money! It’s a classic win-win.

Do Solar Panels Add Value to My Home?

Yes! They do! On average, homes with solar panels sell for 3.75% more than comparable properties without panels. If you sell your home, the new owner will assume all the benefits of the panels on the house.

Will I Still Generate Solar Energy in the Winter?

The summertime is a no brainer: that sun is working for you all season long! Many homeowners are doubtful that their systems will continue generating solar power through the winters and cloudy days, though. Believe it or not, your solar panels are still generating power in the winter! They do produce less than in the sunny months, though. We do all the figuring and calculating to make sure your system is customized to produce extra power in the sunny months to power you through that long winter.

What other questions can we answer?

We love to chat power! Reach out below to connect with an expert, and get a free estimate and rendering specific to your home.

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