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Give Power The Primitive Way

Give Power The Primitive Way

Waterborne disease is the planet’s leading killer. Worldwide, three out of ten people lack access to a safe and reliable source of water in their home! There’s a lot we can do to help, though.

In partnership with the GivePower Foundation, we have the opportunity to make a difference in tens of thousands of lives. GivePower has developed an innovative solar-powered desalination system that is both sustainable and cost effective. In fact, a simple $20 investment can give one person access to safe drinking water for at least 20 years.

Primitive Power is proud to make a donation to GivePower for every solar installation we complete. By working with us, you not only enjoy all the benefits of using clean, renewable energy but you’re also helping those who need it most.

Are you ready to own your power? Reach out to Primitive Power today!

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