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  • What if I move?

  • Everything about your panels will transfer over to the next homeowner in the process of selling your home. They will pick up right where you leave off!
  • What if I need a new roof?

  • No problem! We check your roof before getting your panels ready. If you need a new roof we will put the project on hold or help you get a new roof before going solar
  • What happens with natural disasters?

  • This will fall under your homeowners insurance policy just like a natural disaster or hail storm would right now with your roof. The panels are very durable and are rated for 180+ miles per hour winds and large hail as well. Nothing is indestructible, but they are rated far better than your roof right now. Repairs would fall under your HOI if there’s ever any issue.
  • Is there an upfront cost?

  • One of the biggest misconceptions people have about solar is the amount needed upfront! As long as you qualify there is no money upfront to make the switch.
  • What happens when it’s not sunny out?

  • There will be months in the year when your system won’t produce a lot of power, like the winter months. That’s why net metering is important: all of the extra power and credit you’ve stored up will come into play and take care of you!
  • Is my home a good fit for solar?

  • A lot of things affect how well-suited your home is for solar, including where your home is, the angle of your roof, how much shade it gets throughout the day, and how old your home is. Our energy experts will be able to determine if your home is a good fit for solar or what changes would need to happen to qualify. They will build a custom design after reviewing your current electricity habits.

What other questions can we answer?

We love to chat power! Reach out below to connect with an expert, and get a free estimate and rendering specific to your home.

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