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Are Solar Panels a Good Fit for Georgia Homes?

Are Solar Panels A Good Fit For Georgia Homes?

Did you know that Georgia has an average of 217 sunny days per year? 

Overall, it’s a great fit for solar panels and homeowners across the state are joining the movement. Your home’s solar system will be at work every single day to produce enough energy to keep your space functioning with power and extra money in your pocket. From the coastal southeastern region to the mountainous northeast, the great state of Georgia experiences almost every climate variable that exists. Believe it or not, solar panels continue to work through all of it and stand up to even the most extreme of weather days.

If you’re native to the Peach State you know just how humid it can get, and it’s natural to wonder how solar panels would fare in the muggy summer months. With an average rainfall of 48 inches each year and relative humidity as high as 85{feafe3d6dc6c52950d9cef32f5fae0f2b52cab9baed02c44840e141c43600b15}, Georgia is no stranger to moisture in the air. You may have even seen snowfall on occasion! Let’s cover some of the top weather concerns that homeowners across the state may have and see just how effective solar panels in Georgia can actually be.


Overcast Georgia Days, Solar Panels, and Net Metering

Fun fact: the sun’s rays make their way even through rain and clouds. Have you ever gotten a sunburn on an overcast day that tricked you into thinking you wouldn’t need sunscreen? Those same rays that made it through the cloud cover to give you a sunburn get collected on your solar panels as well. Production is limited on those days, naturally, but depending on the cloud coverage, your system is still collecting those rays and converting them into energy for your home. On the few days a year when production does go down, net metering kicks in and has you covered.

Net metering is the process by which your utility company will buy the excess energy your system produces. When your meter runs backward you’ll have bill credits for the excess electricity. This rolls over month to month, so during the cloudy seasons you can redeem your power. Every kilowatt-hour of electricity fed into the grid gives you an equal kilowatt-hour of credit. It really does pay to have solar! Click here to read even more about how net metering works and how it guarantees peace of mind for homeowners who invest in solar.


Humidity on Solar Panels

Worried about rain and moisture on your panels? You’re not alone! In fact, solar panels were recently tested in Karachi, a coastal town in Pakistan where the average humidity can be as high as 70{feafe3d6dc6c52950d9cef32f5fae0f2b52cab9baed02c44840e141c43600b15}, a number comparable to the humidity Georgians experience! Silica gel was used as a desiccant with success across the board, clearing panels of moisture and keeping them running smoothly. We also use edge sealants and low ionic conductive materials to ensure your panels last rain or shine. We love to see the ways our top-of-the-line materials work with, rather than against, the environment to create energy for homes all across the United States, and especially in Georgia. We put our full faith in the panels we install and know your system will last reliably for years and years to come.


Does Wind Affect Solar Panels?

Just like a cool breeze on a hot day helps us to feel refreshed and renewed, your solar panels actually function better with a bit of wind. Wind cools your panels down, making them run a bit more efficiently. It also dries any water that’s sitting on them, making breezy days unexpectedly beneficial for your panels. Each one of your solar panels are crafted using the height of engineering and technology, guaranteeing the function and safety of your system all year long. 

If you’ve got Georgia’s tornadoes in mind, you’ll be happy to know that your panels are installed by professionals who know exactly what they’re doing. Each solar panel is securely bolted to the rafters of your home, ensuring they’ll stay in place and won’t budge even when winds are howling.

Even though Georgia has its fair share of inclement weather days, your solar panels are engineered to power through it all and work for your home every day. When you’re unsure of how your panels are functioning, or when you have questions about your system, the Primitive Power app is there so you can check in and chat with a power expert. Our installation pros will get everything set up and running smoothly so you have nothing to worry about for years to come. Owning your power has never been easier, and Georgia is the perfect place to make it happen!

Are you ready to own your power? Reach out to Primitive Power today!

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